What’s so different about SOFASHOP, though? The one thing you can be sure of is that it’s not just another pretty, well designed sofa collection. SOFASHOP is all about a whole interior design experience that you can feel from the very first moment you enter a SOFASHOP store. All of our stores have specialized decorators who follow every new trend in modern decoration and are always prepared to help you choose the most suitable sofa design for you and your needs. The right dimension depending on the floor plan of your space, the ideal reclamation of square meters available, the fabric, the color and the texture that suits your personal style as well as your home’s style, always according to the color of your walls and the aesthetics of the rest of your furniture. Therefore, with their valuable help, the sofa you may choose acquire a «glow» of your personality and becomes unique. Your own unique, wonderful sofa!

Now you can complete your space, by choosing within a variety of small tables, shelves, small bookcases, rags, special lightings, hangers, decorative objects and pillows, as well as single, semi-double and double beds and mattresses. We are here to service you! Here at SOFASHOP we take pride in our service, starting from our first interaction with you, our contribution to the right choice of furniture and concluding to their final delivery to your place, without any extra costs for you. And when this service becomes a smile on our customer’s face, then we can say we achieved success.

Every SOFASHOP sofa is unique, because you design it just like you have imagined it, starting from just 299 euros ! We are just here to help you... make your dreams come true!

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