The SOFASHOP products are manufactered in a modern factory plant more than 12,000 square meters, the largest production capacity in Greece. In this plant, our specialized staff, for 60 years, working on all stages of production, with the highest standards of safety and hygiene, from beginning to the end. From timber in frames of our furniture, the beech wood of excellent quality in all our models , to filling and automatic cutting of our fabrics to high quality seams that are made with the most modern sewing machines.
The frames are made of beech wood. The seat cushions are filled with recovery rubber and down (depending on the model), while the back cushions are filled with comforel or down.
SOFASHOP products have the highest quality of materials and manufacturing with the guarantee of the EU. At a low cost SOFASHOP can undertake the repair of any defaults not covered by the guarantee or after the guarantee has expired.

At SOFASHOP store network. To find your nearest store click here.

The estimated delivery time is 4 to 5 weeks. The delivery department will contact you a few days in advance, to inform you regarding the exact delivery date.

There are no charges for delivery in Attica or in towns of other counties. There may be minor charges for deliveries outside the towns or islands

The payment can be issued either by card or bank transfer. It is also possible to pay by card in up to 12 interest-free installments, depending on the amount of your order.

In all our stores, specialized interior designers / salespersons are following all new trends in modern interior design and are always ready to help you choose the most suitable sofa design for you and your needs. They will help you select the correct dimension depending on the floor plan of your space, for optimal utilization of the room space, the fabric colour and texture that suits your own style, always depending on the colour of the walls and the aesthetics of other furniture. So, with their valuable help, the sofa you choose acquires “glow” from your own personality and becomes unique! Your own unique, great sofa! Over 40 SOFASHOP designs that have 2 seats, 3 seats, corner sofas, as well as armchairs and stools in many dimensions, is at your disposal to choose yours!
Each SOFASHOP model can be coated with one or more of the 1,000 different fabrics and artificial leathers. All you need is imagination … And when we talk about SOFASHOP fabrics we clearly mean spotless, waterproof, washable and outdoor suitable fabrics! Together with the salesperson – interior deisgner, you can select the ideal one for you in one of our four price categories.
Certainly, if it is removable. The majority of SOFASHOP models have a removable cover.
There are suitable for all spaces. They can be custom-made as required.
Cleaning of fabrics is recommended to be done by qualified Cleaning Service and according to cleaning instructions. Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.